Most of our customers are involved in orginizations that support active duty military and veterans.  ServiceFlags.com, Inc., has teamed up with deconetwork (our web platform) to be able to offer the ability of orgnizations to raise money by selling the products we sell as well as fundraising-specific items.  The two types of fundraising services we provide are a campaign store, and a full website where a percentage of the sales are commissioned back to the organization.

Campaign Store - Single Product Store with a target countdown:  (see http://samplepage.deco-charity.com/ for a sample fundraising site).

A campaign store is typically used as a fund raising device for organizations to achieve a financial target, usually with a specific goal in mind.

Campaign stores are simple one page websites containing one custom product that is available for sale for a specified period of time in which to reach a sales target.

Full Website

The organization (also referred to as "affiliate") can choose the categories and products listed on the serviceflags.com that will be available on the affiliate site.  The affiliate can also have site-specific products (for example, a Blue Star Mother chapter may want to have their chapter logo available for their members to purchase).


All the purchases on the affiliate website are processed through ServiceFlags.com credit card processor (authorize.net which is integrated with deconetwork), so there is no need for an affiliate to obtain any ecommerce/merchant accounts.


At the end of each month, a “commission” from the sales on the affiliate site are processed from ServiceFlags.com to the affiliate’s paypal account.

Affiliates can log directly into their affiliate website and see all the orders that have been placed as well as the commission amount for those orders.

To get started, all you need to do is let us know.  We will set up the website, then work directly with you or your designated webmaster, to tailor the site to your specifications.

Of note, for the purpose of affiliate site one-on-one training, we are only available by appointment on weekends and weekend evenings.   We can provide other training and assistance throughout the week via email.


Contact us to get started!  https://www.serviceflags.com/contact