We have about 2,000 emblems and designs that can be put on products like mugs, bumper stickers and magnets, clothing, etc.  You can also upload your own design, however there may be a charge to convert a personal image if we have to create a vector or embroidery image to be able to put it on a product.

When you upload an image for use, it will not be available to the public, but will be visible to you when you log into your account.  

If you don't see an emblem or design you want, please contact us and we will see if we can obtain it.  Thanks!

Stock Designs

Branch Insignia

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  • Adjutant General Thumbnail
  • Air Defense Artillery Thumbnail
  • Armor Insignia Thumbnail
  • Aviation Insignia Thumbnail
  • Backup of Transportation Corps Thumbnail
  • Cavalry Insignia Thumbnail
  • Cavalry Insignia Shaded Thumbnail
  • Chaplain Assistant Thumbnail
  • Chaplain Assistant Shaded Thumbnail
  • Chaplains Insignia Thumbnail
  • Chemical Corps Thumbnail
  • Chemical Corps Shaded Thumbnail
  • Civil Affairs Insignia Thumbnail
  • Cmd Sergeant Major Thumbnail
  • Corps of Engineers Thumbnail
  • Field Artillery Insignia Thumbnail
  • Finance Corps Insignia Thumbnail
  • General Staff Insignia Thumbnail
  • Infantry Insignia Thumbnail
  • Inspector Gen Insig Gold Thumbnail
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