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Custom Blue Star Ornaments

Envelope stickers are 1" in height.

4" Blue Star Porcelain Ornament  with white Custom Lettering and Year (of Christmas away, if desired), and specific unit emblem  - $19.95. The image will appear on both sides!   Special option! You can add 1" envelope stickers to your order at 10% off the regular price when you purchase this ornament!

Navy Emblem

 Price Each:



Custom Text:

Years Option:


Special Envelope Sticker Option (10% off reg price) Quantity:

Envelope Stickers are 1" in height

Custom text can be anything you would like but no more than 24 characters and spaces.  We will put the text in the case as you enter it -   Please double check it for errors.   If you are putting rank and are unsure of the correct abbreviations, click here

Vinyl Envelope Stickers (or stick them on papers, books, or anything else you can imagine). These stickers are made from premium vinyl (not paper stickers) and have a permanent adhesive backing.  Each sticker is approximately 1 inch wide or tall and come in sets of 24, 48, 72, 96, 144,168 &192.

Envelope stickers are becoming more and more popular!  Seal the flap with the emblem you like, or customize the emblem with a special name or saying!

Envelope Sticker Pricing Grid:

Quantity Special Price with Ornament
24 $6.99  $6.29
48 $10.49 $9.44
72 $12.77 $11.49
96 $14.90 $13.41
120 $17.29 $15.56
144 $19.79 $17.81
168 $22.34 $20.11
192 $23.83 $21.45

We also have Porcelain Photo Ornaments!  Photo ornaments can be of anything, children, parents, spouse, family group, pets, etc!  Annually made photo ornaments are a great way to remember the years each Christmas!  Each photo ornament can be dated or other custom text just for you!  Click on this link to be directed to the photo ornament page!


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