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DoD Certified Manufacturer of the Service Flag - First to be Authorized after 9/11

Service Flags - Indoor
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Garden Flags and Banners!

Yellow Ribbon  Bows

Embroidered Micro Fleece Robes - Mens and Womans Style.  Great Gift Idea!

Veterans Flags, Available in Nylon and Felt & Awesome Veterans Pins- Buy today!


Coffee Mugs with Branch, Rank and Name - For Veterans or Active Duty!! Makes a Great Gift! Order Today!

Indoor window Service Flags - Nylon and Felt


Sun Catcher - limited quantity!


Executive Lock Box with Service Medallion

Certificate of Achievement (or other award)  Frame with Service Medallion

Collage Photo Frame with Service Medallion - Two Sizes Available

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Service Flag Charm Necklace and custom porcelain necklaces (& more)!

Flag Case with Service Medallion

A Piece of My Heart Served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Overseas, etc, T-SHIRTS!

Large Outdoor Service flags with up to 5 embroidered stars!! 


Away from Home and Welcome Home Vinyl BANNERS, Piece of My Heart Banners and other emblem banners
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Embroidered Polo Shirts and Caps - with your own custom text!! We have several unit emblems as well as the Piece of My Heart designs and Service Flags designs
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Metal License Plate Frames! Custom License Plate Frames and Service

Folded Yellow Ribbon w/safety pin


Blue Star Mother Jackets and vests

Blue Star Mother Logo Items


Dog Tags!!! - Wear one with your loved one's name, or with any other text.  Great for kids too!

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Caps!! Numerous Types!
  Yellow Ribbon Magnets and other assorted patriotic, POW, seasonal and Unit Emblems!


Return Address Labels with military emblems, service flag, Piece of My Heart design, and other patriotic design - Great designs at a Great Price!!

Elegant dark wood jewelry/keepsake box with your photo or a military emblem customized with your text!
Money Clips and Key Rings!

We Honor Those Who Serve Mini Flag

Mini 3" X 5" Flags & Service Flags w/suction cup

Group of Christmas Support our Troop Stickers

USA, Branch Flags & Gadsden Flags
Service Flags Large Outdoor
Service Flag Necklace
Service Lapel Pin
Banners - Welcome Home and Other Vinyl Banners
Bumper Magnets
Christmas Items
Coffee Mugs with Logos - customize!
Embroidered Polo Shirts and Caps
Embroidered Custom Caps
Embroidered Stock Caps
Envelope Stickers
Flags - USA + Branch Flags
Flag Poles
Lapel Pins
License Plate Frames - metal, stock
License Plate Frames - custom
License Plates -service flag and piece of my heart.
Magnets - main page
Money Clips and Key Rings!
Ornaments - Blue Star and Piece of my Heart
Picture Frames - oak
Photo jewelry/keepsake box
Service Flags - Indoor
Service Flags Large Outdoor
Service Flag Necklace
Service Lapel Pin
T-Shirts/Sweat Shirts
Yellow Ribbons
Yellow Ribbon & Bumper Magnets





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