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When a service member is killed or dies, we will provide a Gold Star Flag to the parents/spouse of the service member at no charge.  We do this through the National Chapter of the Blue Star Mothers of America.  We do maintain another site which we have flags and other gold star products available at prices below normal retail. We do ask if purchasing from that site, that the products not be re-sold to gold star families at a higher price (unless it is a gold star chapter performing a fund raiser).

If you have a need for a Gold Star Service Flag, please email us at  We can also be reached at 1-866-887-6678.

Please provide the name of the fallen service member, the date and location of the event, the names of the persons who will receive the flag(s) and their relationship to the fallen service member.  If the family has multiple members serving, we will also need to know the number of other stars for the flag.

If the flag will be presented to the family member by a Blue Star or Gold Star Mother, please provide the name of the person presenting the flag  and the address we need to ship it to.  If it will be presented at a memorial service, please provide the date of the Service. 

In all cases, we prefer to ship these to a member of the Blue Star Mothers or casualty assistance officer for presentation to the family and will coordinate with the Blue Star Mothers liaison to try to minimize duplication of efforts.  If a Blue Star Mother or casualty assistance officer is not available to present the flag, we will ship directly to the family.

 God Bless.



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