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Glass Masters went out of business in 2005.  We purchased the last of the military related stained glass and sun catchers.

We have one box of inventory containing about 20 USMC stained glass 6 1/2" round sun catchers. If we oversell before we can removed them from the website, the first orders made will be filled, and the others refunded. 

These were Made in the USA, and a nice collectable from Glass Masters

Each of the military emblems are 6 1/2" rounds. Each comes with its own chain for hanging.  This fine crafted collectable is only $44.95 each! 


United States Marine Corps Emblem
6 1/2" Round

Even before America was a country, the Marine Corps was formed and had a crest. The "foul anchor" (an anchor with a wrapped chain) that labeled Marines in the Revolutionary War remains part of their emblem today. Many versions of the emblem were worn until June 22, 1954 when President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed an Executive Order approving the official seal for the United States Marine Corps.

The globe of the Marine Corps emblem displays the Western Hemisphere, which together with the American bald eagle, symbolizes a dedication of service to the American people. On the very top of the emblem are the words that denote Marines all over the world, "Semper Fidelis", meaning “Always Faithful”.

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Extremely Limited Quantity!  Any over-orders will be refunded (if we can't get the ordering page down before the last one sells).


6 1/2" Inch Round Stained Glass Marine Corps Emblem

Price: $44.95



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