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We recently found out that Glass Masters has discontinued military stained glass items.  We convinced them to make one more run for us and we purchased the remaining inventory.

The Stained Glass Service Flag is 5" X 7" and each of the military emblems are 6 1/2" rounds. Each comes with its own chain for hanging.  These fine crafted items are offered at only $34.95 each for the Military rounds and $29.95 for the Service Flag!! 

If you purchase a stained glass branch emblem with a stained glass Service Flag, the price is discounted $7.00!

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Since GlassMasters when out of business, we have been unable to find a a company that can manufacture these stained glass items to specification.

Sorry - No Longer Available! Sorry - No Longer Available! Marine Corps Sorry - No Longer Available! Coast Guard
  Sorry - No Longer Available! Sorry - No Longer Available! Sorry - No Longer Available!    

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