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1" Custom Air Force Emblem Envelope Stickers


Vinyl Envelope Stickers (or stick them on papers, books, or anything else you can imagine - these are the same stickers we place on the yellow ribbon magnets). These stickers are made from premium vinyl (not paper stickers) and have a permanent adhesive backing.  Each sticker is approximately 1 inch wide and come in sets of  72, 96, 144,168 &192. There is no additional charge for the custom text compared to the other stickers, but we do have to have a minimum of 72 to be able to run them!

Size= 1" (image at bottom is enlarged)

Suggestions include for the top (top text will be capitalized):

Iraqi Freedom Veteran, Enduring Freedom Veteran, Desert Storm Veteran, Proud of our Heroes, In Honor of Those Who Served, etc.

Bottom text may be - Name of a person, Dates of Service or any other text.  These are your custom stickers!!  Seal the flap on your envelope with a tribute!

1 Inch Air Force Emblem Stickers with custom lettering

Currently not available



Pricing Grid:

Quantity Price
72 $12.77
96 $14.90
120 $17.29
144 $19.79
168 $22.34
192 $23.83



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