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DoD Certified Manufacturer - First to be Authorized after 9/11

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1-star Custom Veterans Service Flag 2-star Custom Veterans Service Flags 3-star Custom Veterans Service Flag 1-5 stars and up to 6 lines of text - design it the way you like!



We make Veterans Service Flags using two methods.

1) High quality wool blended felt (70% wool/30% rayon) and layered with a special heat transferable flock (the white and blue stars). Fading:  These will fade more quickly if displayed in a window with direct sunlight. Over time, any fabric will fade or begin to break down from the exposure to sunlight.

2) Nylon panels stitched together with stars and lettering embroidered on to the nylon fabric. Fading:  These are more fade resistant than the traditional wool felt Service Flag, but will in time begin to fade as a result of constant exposure to sunlight.  This is a better choice if the window you will display your flag will be exposed to direct sunlight.

 Service Flags are 8 inches in width X 15.2 inches long. Each flag includes a chainette tassel and gold cord, suction cup, pamphlet & 30 day no-hassle warranty.  They are indoor display (from a window facing out or other indoor location).  Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.  We ship via USPS priority mail. 



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