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Custom Dye-Imprinted T-Shirts

All our custom shirts are made using  a  revolutionary new fabric and product line with a polyester micro fiber shell on the outside and 100% cotton on the inside. This combination gives consumers the feel of cotton against the skin while providing the synthetic fabric shell required for dye transfer printing. The design is virtually permanent, and can be washed dried or dry cleaned repeatedly without cracking, peeling and little or no fading (please following washing instructions on shirt to ensure longevity) .


If you are including rank and are unsure of the abbreviation, click here.  If we catch an incorrect abbreviation, we may correct it based on the abbreviations provided on this site. (we don't recommend indicating rank as it may change)

For a large view of any of the emblems and to order, please select from this list.  Most of the emblems are not shown on t-shirts or with custom text. 

We can also put these emblems on yellow ribbon magnets.  Click here to see the emblem selection.

Marine Corps Logo

2nd Division 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines 1st Battalion, 6th Marines    



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