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Outdoor Flag Pole:  Top of the line 6 foot aluminum anti-furl rotating flag pole. This pole comes in two sections with two flag fasteners for flying a grommeted flag. includes a snap and swivel ring for displaying pole-sleeved or tabbed banners. The top of the pole rotates on ball bearings to the flag will not tangle. Designed to be used with brackets that accept a 1" outside diameter pole.  $24.95 each (save though when you order with a flag!).

High Quality outdoor pole bracket: Silver aluminum bracket, accepts 1" pole.  Comes with a thumb screw and displays pole at 45 degree angle.
Price: $9.90 ea (save when you order with a flag and flag pole).

High Quality Multi-purpose aluminum pole bracket: White, accepts 1" pole, pole can be positioned at 45 or 90 degree angle. Comes with thumbscrew. $12.95 ea - save when you order with flag and/or flag pole!